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Regular car servicing can help to extend the life of a vehicle, and help to find faults on the vehicle before they become a safety issue or cause the car to breakdown. It can also help to spread out the cost of keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy state.

Minor Service 

A minor service, or oil change, will consist of draining the motor oil from your engine and replacing it with new oil as well as replacing the oil filter. Basic checks are carried out in a minor service, lights, levels and tyres etc.

Regular oil changes clean out dirt and debris and ensure the proper lubrication for your car helping to reduce the amount of heat produced by the engine, improving your fuel economy and lowering your exhaust emissions.

Full Service

During a full service our mechanics will not only replace your oil and filter they will inspect the condition of your vehicle as well as the wear and tear of various parts including your brake, steering and suspension systems. Checks are also carried out on lights, tyres, exhausts and fluid levels. Car manufacturers detail which checks should be included in a service and which maintenance parts are due for replacement regarding both mileage and age of a vehicle. These are parts such as air, pollen and fuel filters, spark plugs and timing belts. We carry out our services per the manufacturers requirements and recommend this annually to keep your car performing at its best.

Exhausts, Brakes and Suspension Systems

We carry out a wide range of repairs in our workshop. Exhaust system maintenance is a common job as from time to time, due to general wear and tear, they require replacements, harsher weather conditions and salt on roads also contribute to their deterioration. We assess the full exhaust condition and offer more affordable options where possible, proposing partial replacements as well as entire systems. We fit quality, reasonably priced, lasting parts, as we understand that the cheapest parts won’t necessarily keep costs down if they keep needing to being replaced.

Brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle as it is vital you are always able to stop. Checking all of your brake components and hydraulics are functioning properly and performing as they should will give you reassurance for your safety on the road.

The steering and suspension systems provide the directional control of your car. They are comprised of the parts designed to ensure smooth driving, stable road control and handling of a vehicle on the road. Faults with these systems have a range of indicators such as steering vibrations, bouncing, drifting or pulling to one side as well as various knocking noises. If you have any concerns regarding your vehicle we can test drive, inspect and carry out various repairs on these systems as required and will only ever replace parts where necessary, minimising costs while assuring your safety on the road.

Tyre Fitting and Alignment

We fit and supply a vast range of tyres; summer, winter and all seasons for cars and commercial vehicles, offering brands suitable for all budgets. Enquire for pricing in the shop and our staff will be happy to assist you reading your tyre size and checking your pressures if you are unsure. Wheel Alignment is also available upon request.


An MOT test is a legally required annual assessment of vehicle safety; for most vehicles over 3 years old. It involves a variety of government instructed structural and mechanical checks to ensure your vehicle meets both the road safety and environmental standards, making it roadworthy.

Not only is it the law, but an MOT helps to identify smaller faults and problems before they become dangerous. Contacting Car Requirements to book your MOT will grant you the peace of mind of having this test carried out by experts.

** Please note we do not charge a retest fee, as long as the MOT defects are repaired within 10 working days. This ensures a fair test as we see no encouragement to gain any cost through retesting.

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Regarding any other unstated issues please give us a call or drop by and our mechanics will see what we can do for you.

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